The Magic of Meghalaya

As long as I can remember, I have deeply and madly been in love with the rain. Everything about it – from the fragrance of the air before it, to the sound of the rain as it smatters against the windows. I have always loved listening to the rhythm of the falling rain. I have… Continue reading The Magic of Meghalaya

Stockholm – Elegance Personified!

I was never so interested in Coffee till I happened to visit Stockholm, the super-stylish capital of Sweden. It was here that I learnt the “Art of Swedish Coffee Break”, popularly known as “Fika” – and that Coffee is not just Coffee, it’s a lifestyle! The word “Fika” acts as both a verb & a… Continue reading Stockholm – Elegance Personified!

Andaman – India’s finest kept secret !!

Andaman is India’s finest kept secret! And its beauty, in one word, is luxurious! It’s such a relief to know that there exists a place which offers unexplainable peace in a chaotic world; where everything is in abundance –fruits, vegetables, trees, birds, fish, water, coconuts, oxygen and humanity. Unfathomable prosperity! Tucked away from the Indian… Continue reading Andaman – India’s finest kept secret !!

Jodhpur – “So-Blue”! Yet “Not-So-Blue”!

I found 2 Jodhpur’s – The “So-Blue” Jodhpur & the “Not-So-Blue” Jodhpur. The “So-Blue” Jodhpur is elegant, adorned with culture and painted in blue. This part of the city is stationed around the Mighty Mehrangarh fort’s base. The “Not-So-Blue” part of the city stretches beyond the fort’s walls and is ever bustling with energy &… Continue reading Jodhpur – “So-Blue”! Yet “Not-So-Blue”!

Jaisalmer – The city that sparkles !

Jaisalmer is effortlessly beautiful. Though I rest my case here 🙂 but am gonna write more 😉 Jaisalmer, also called the “Golden city” of India, is an enchanting & exotic little fort-town of Rajasthan. It’s a city of culture, food, ancient sand castle forts, stunning Jain temples, pigeons, sand dunes, sun & camel. What I… Continue reading Jaisalmer – The city that sparkles !

With love from Ladakh!

The moment I landed in Ladakh I fell in love with it! ❤ & then the next moment I hated it & then the 3rd I loved it again, a little more this time ❤ ❤  … & this “love-hate” relationship with Ladakh lasted for about a week, & now that am back I officially… Continue reading With love from Ladakh!

Neemrana Fort Palace – Royalty & Flamboyance

Neemrana Fort Palace – is a preface to India’s most flamboyant state – Rajasthan. This 15th century heritage resort, at only 118 KM from Delhi, offers a vibrant site for magical weekend getaways. The majestic feel of royal Rajasthan sinks in as soon as one enters the gorgeous property. We all miss the days when… Continue reading Neemrana Fort Palace – Royalty & Flamboyance

I can’t keep calm … It’s Rishikesh!!

Day – 2 (In continuation to Day – 1 … “Keep Calm & visit Haridwar!”) It was time for us to “seek out ways to make life better”! Rishikesh is about 25 KM’s from Haridwar & without the traffic it is quite a smooth drive. We headed straight for Shivpuri, which is ~15 KM’s from… Continue reading I can’t keep calm … It’s Rishikesh!!

Keep Calm & visit Haridwar!

I read somewhere – “Holidays are a perfect time to reflect on our blessings and seek out ways to make life better”. & with a lo-oo-ng weekend in hand (24th – 27th Mar) we set out for a quick getaway to Haridwar & Rishikesh. I am dividing this blog into 2 parts – Day 1… Continue reading Keep Calm & visit Haridwar!

Indian Weddings ! Travel between cultures & cities !!

I have attended a lot of weddings, including my own 😉 but never quite thought anything of the weddings beyond being a ceremony to unite two people or an occasion to get dressed up for & get clicked or chance to meet long-forgotten relatives. Until recently!   I got a chance to attend two interesting… Continue reading Indian Weddings ! Travel between cultures & cities !!