Goa ! A wanderer’s delight !


Goa, India. Goa is exotic & it is definitely not one of the places to stay in 5-star resorts. It is recommended to be as close to the beaches, local culture, local sea food, local pubs, and local markets as possible. It’s all about blending with the place to get the most out of it! My trip to Goa was 6 days long or actually, 6 days short! Because, it is one place which you can never get enough of!

The best thing about Goa is that time just stops there! In all the 6 days spent there, I never bothered to look at the time. I just did not care what time of the day it was. Because time is not a limitation in Goa for anything.

Goa is a well-connected state to all the possible parts of India. Goas airport is quite a dis-appointment though, especially considering the amount of tourists the state attracts day in & day out. The look & feel of the airport (including the cleanliness) needs a revamp to match international standards. It’s best to plan an un-planned trip to Goa, as that place is all about spontaneity. I easily got a taxi from the airport’s pre-paid booth which took me to North Goa & I checked into a comfortable and economical hotel near Calangute beach. I loved my hotel as it was just about 5 mins walk from the beach. I ended up going to the beach daily for long morning walks. While you walk on the beach, do notice the varied patterns that the sea waves make on the sand when they retreat. They are artists & the sand becomes their canvas & what they leave behind is intriguing.72918_479112262156738_450681056_n

It is recommended to visit Calangute beach only during early morning since during peak tourist hours Calangute beach is the most crowded & dirtiest beach in Goa. Vagator Beach became my favorite instantly. It is the quietest, prettiest and cleanest with amazing eating joints & beautiful shafts because of which it attracts the best tourist crowd. Baga Beach is famous for its water sports. However, it is too quite crowded! Parasailing is the best water sport, a must try for all. Anjuna beach is the red sand beach of Goa. In fact there is something unique about every beach there.

There was one thing common to every beach I went to. Life. There is so much life there. You can spot  a small fish or a small crab or snail in every possible puddle of water. It is amazing. Life hardly needs space!574476_479090972158867_747022929_n

I spent one day in South Goa. I booked a seat in one of the tourist buses, which was quite economical & comfortable. The bus took us on a full day tour covering all of the famous spots in South Goa – beaches, fish museum (you can spot some of the most amazing species here!), Goan Village, cruise, local markets, churches … to name a few. While it is fun to cover North Goa on a bike, it is recommended to hire a taxi or book a seat in the tourist buses to cover South Goa. South Goa is much bigger than North Goa & much more commercialized. North Goa is more of a holiday!24274_479078418826789_1040469414_n

I do not wish to include too much “information” in this blog. Planning or too much information is neither required nor recommended for a trip to Goa. It’s best to explore & experiment with the place on your own, one day at a time! It is a place to sit back, relax, observe and smile at life. You could just lie down on a beach all day reading. Or you could dance around the streets of Goa. No one would care! It is also a treat for people who love eating.


This was my first trip to Goa. But I would go back to it again & again.

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