Indian Weddings ! Travel between cultures & cities !!

I have attended a lot of weddings, including my own 😉 but never quite thought anything of the weddings beyond being a ceremony to unite two people or an occasion to get dressed up for & get clicked or chance to meet long-forgotten relatives. Until recently!

‘The’ Mundap 🙂


I got a chance to attend two interesting weddings, which got me thinking how Indian weddings, especially where the families, getting united, come from different cultures / backgrounds / cities / castes etc., are nothing less than a travel!!

Travel between the cultures. Travel between the cities.

Usually, a traveler would travel out to places to soak into their culture but during an Indian wedding it’s like the places come travelling to us. & there lies the beauty! ❤

One of these weddings was between a Kayastha & a Bengali, the other was uniting a Tamilian with a Punjabi. Now that I remember, mine too was a Kayastha – Punjabi wedding 🙂

Each culture was as distinct from the other as possible yet it was amazing to see how each had happily travelled towards the other & looked like a reflection of the other, just in a different mirror! ❤

I tried my hands at capturing the awesomeness from both the weddings as much as possible; hopefully these pictures will talk for themselves 🙂

Bright Indian Sarees … For the ladies on the fashion runway called ‘Weddings’ 🙂
No Indian wedding is complete without our very own desi tattoo … Mehendi !!
Ever tried multi-colored poori’s ?? 😉 🙂 This was surely the highlight for me … 🙂 & were healthy too 🙂
A women is incomplete without these … & so are weddings!
Mark  of a married women in Hinduism. The bride sits with ‘Sindoor’ in her hands … an important ritual of a Bengali wedding!
Punjabi Chudaas. Special ritual in a Punjabi wedding – The Chooda Ceremony. Traditionally, a set of 21 bangles in red / maroon and white / ivory is selected for this ceremony by the bride’s uncle (Mama) & Aunt (Mami).
All geared up for the ‘Haldi Ceremony’ 😉 … an important part of a Kayastha weding


‘Taj’ of a Bengali bride 🙂


The Tamilian Rockstar 😉 🙂


Glimpse of a Bengali Baarat!!

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