Welcome to Travelling Steps!

I often wonder – why does my mind always long to travel? Travel to explore the unexplored, know the unknown, see what is usually not seen, indulge in local experiences, and do unexpected & unplanned things. I often wonder – why does travelling make me feel so alive?

My name is Prachi & I am a born traveler, I love to believe that. I travel all the time, sometimes only inside my head, sometimes only over the internet.

With so much of my heart & soul into travelling, I thought my memories deserve a home. My memories & experiences also deserve to be shared.

This blog would house all of my experiences particularly to benefit the ‘just-starting-out-travelers’! Because I know sometimes it can be hard to know how, when & where to start planning your dream trip. What’s the first step? Second? Third? It could be a daunting task with so much information available and, the longer you go away, the more things you seem to have to think about.

I want to make this task easier & simpler by sharing my experiences, useful information & practical tips and advice on how to travel better, cheaper, and smarter.

I want to make the journey of planning a trip as enjoyable as the actual trip!

I would also feel blessed if through my experiences I could inspire even a single soul to take that step out the door, which is the hardest part, because what a rewarding experience travelling is!! & life on the road is a lot easier than most of us think.

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