Let’s take the train & whistle our way away!

Train Travel, I have come to believe, are trips unto themselves – with the journey as much as an experience as the destination. & in a country as vast as India, train travel is a way of life! More than just a means of reaching from one place to another, it’s an essential part of… Continue reading Let’s take the train & whistle our way away!

Triveni Sangam @ Allahabad!

In India, meeting of rivers has always amplified the holiness of any place. As the belief goes, two rivers are better than one & three even better! It is also believed that those who bathe at a place where rivers, white and dark, flow together rise up to heaven. The “Triveni Sangam”, in Allahabad, is… Continue reading Triveni Sangam @ Allahabad!

The Beating Retreat ceremony @ Wagah Border. Battle or Balet?

  The border closing ceremony at the Wagah Border between India & Pakistan in one word is – Electrifying! This experience for anyone will surely stand out as one of the most treasured travel memories; for me it has been one of those days that is & will continue to stick in my mind for… Continue reading The Beating Retreat ceremony @ Wagah Border. Battle or Balet?

Sparkling Singapore & Blingy Malaysia!

While Malaysia is believable, Singapore is unbelievable!! & that’s exactly where the beauty of both the places lies! This trip, with my husband, to these 2 countries has left me amazed. We started with Singapore, 4 days of non-stop activities. Singapore is so full of life & there are just so many things to do,… Continue reading Sparkling Singapore & Blingy Malaysia!

North East – The Pride of India (A hell of a journey to Gangtok – Pelling – Darjeeling)

  Last year, 2015, I was blessed to have visited North East (India), covering Gangtok – Pelling – Darjeeling over a span of around 9 days. It is a ‘must visit’ place for all of us who appreciate the simpler & finer things in life. We were around 15 of us! & we decided to… Continue reading North East – The Pride of India (A hell of a journey to Gangtok – Pelling – Darjeeling)

Malshej Ghat … Paradise in the Monsoons !

Malshej Ghat is a mountain pass nestled in the towering rough hills of the Western Ghats. The mountain pass is about 150 KM from Mumbai & 130 KM from Pune. I got a chance to drive down to Malshej Ghat from Mumbai & the 3 hours long drive was one of the best experiences of… Continue reading Malshej Ghat … Paradise in the Monsoons !

Mumbai! The Madness !!

  Mumbai is a strange & fascinating mix of celebration & disaster! Though, this is quite true for all of India but it’s adequately obvious in the ‘Maximum City’. It’s full of people – starlets, dreamers, fantasizers. It houses India’s most prolific film industry & some of Asia’s biggest slums. Mumbai is exactly like it… Continue reading Mumbai! The Madness !!

Nainital … The jewel of Uttarakhand!

Nainital is conveniently the most prized possession of Uttarakhand. Located in the Kumaon foothills of the outer Himalayas, at about 6000 FT from sea level, it is one of the most famous hill stations in India. Nainital is a valley with an eye-shaped lake & “Naina” is the highest of all the mountains surrounding the… Continue reading Nainital … The jewel of Uttarakhand!

Manikaran. The Sacred Town.

Renowned for its pilgrimage centers, the sacred town of hot water spring “Manikaran” is perched on the right bank of the roaring river ‘Parvati’, at an altitude of ~1700 m, in Kullu District of Himachal Pradesh. It is considered holy for Hindus and Sikhs with several temples and the very famous Gurudwara , ‘Manikaran Sahib’. It… Continue reading Manikaran. The Sacred Town.

Bir-Billing … Lost in the right direction!! :)

Just back from a trek, all tanned! & the tan keeps reminding me of the magnificence of the mountains that I witnessed, because I was ‘in the mountains’, literally, for the 3 days. Short trip, yes! But absolutely marvelous! Bir is a small valley in the Kangra district, Himanchal Pradesh. It takes some 6-7 hours… Continue reading Bir-Billing … Lost in the right direction!! 🙂