I can’t keep calm … It’s Rishikesh!!

Day – 2 (In continuation to Day – 1 … “Keep Calm & visit Haridwar!”) It was time for us to “seek out ways to make life better”! Rishikesh is about 25 KM’s from Haridwar & without the traffic it is quite a smooth drive. We headed straight for Shivpuri, which is ~15 KM’s from… Continue reading I can’t keep calm … It’s Rishikesh!!

Keep Calm & visit Haridwar!

I read somewhere – “Holidays are a perfect time to reflect on our blessings and seek out ways to make life better”. & with a lo-oo-ng weekend in hand (24th – 27th Mar) we set out for a quick getaway to Haridwar & Rishikesh. I am dividing this blog into 2 parts – Day 1… Continue reading Keep Calm & visit Haridwar!

Triveni Sangam @ Allahabad!

In India, meeting of rivers has always amplified the holiness of any place. As the belief goes, two rivers are better than one & three even better! It is also believed that those who bathe at a place where rivers, white and dark, flow together rise up to heaven. The “Triveni Sangam”, in Allahabad, is… Continue reading Triveni Sangam @ Allahabad!